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Greetings one and all! I am Miko, otherwise known as The Okayest GM. I am your humble host and game master for the viewing of this webpage. I am a father, creator, producer, engineer, and designer. Here you can find all manner of information about me and where to find the things that I create. Scroll down to learn more!

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A fantastical homebrew TTRPG world that I have been slowly developing the past several years. It is a labor of love and under constant development. You can learn more about the world and the other TTRPG homebrew content that I create at the links below.


I have been an avid streamer of TTRPG Actual Plays since August 2022 on several channels. Currently I am a partner over at Folk & Myth, you can learn more about that and my past actual play content at the links below.

Contact Me

Use the links below if you would like to reach out or buy me some hot chocolate :)